A Sutter Brown memory

In 2012 I was working on the qualification on what would become Prop 30.  Due to some last minute politicking, the initiative got a late start gathering signatures, so qualification was anything but assured. 

At one point I got asked to the Governor's then residence on J Street so the campaign team could brief the Governor and his team on the status and next steps.  When I arrived there were only a few of Brown’s senior aids and the First Lady.  

Oh and Sutter. Being a dog person Sutter quickly found his way to my feet for some petting as we waited for others to arrive.  Eventually people were tired of waiting so it fell on me to start giving the update, with our brilliant First Lady asking most of the questions.  

About half way in our equally brilliant Governor joined.  After dispensing with some other issues, he plopped himself down right next to me on their bench seating, and joined in the questioning.  

Now, I’ve mentioned both the Governor and First Lady are brilliant. However they are brilliant in very different ways.  Pardon the gun analogy, but Anne is like a sniper rifle.  She is always three steps ahead and knows just where she is going.  Jerry on the other hand is like a shotgun.  You never know where he is going, but he is going to find things nobody else ever could.  

Being interrogated by both at the same time was... challenging.  Was my head focused on the task at hand?  Nope.  You see Sutter was still sitting at my feet demanding his attention (He was a stubbornly demanding dog).  

So as the Governor sat next to me, when I should have been focused on my job, the only thing I could hear was my internal monologue telling me, "Pet the dog, not the Governor.  Pet the dog, not the Governor.  Pet the dog, not the Governor."

Sutter, you will be missed.