Must Admit I Miss

Don't miss the tie.  Don't miss the office politics.  But there are things I miss about not being in the Capitol anymore.

One is missing some of the dramas of end of session.  Take this article on a bill on franchisees. 

Lawmakers sought for hours to whip up support after failing to secure the votes needed to advance Senate Bill 610. The final tally was 41-27, and the bill now heads to the Senate.

Those two sentences fail to capture all the fun that surely must have accompanied that final vote.  Staff sitting in their offices.  Watching the vote dance up and down in the 30's through multiple pulls off call.  Some with a vested interest in the outcome.  Others just bemoaning how the bill is slowing down session and getting members on their planes.

Lobbyists and activists scrambling around the 3rd floor hallway.  Often resigned that they simply have to wait until the person they need becomes available.  

Hearing whomever is holding the gavel yell out to record the vote as quickly as they can when the bill hit 41 before anyone else could drop off.  And for the very patient waiting for the end of session to see who slips a vote change in when they think nobody is watching.

Something a news story simply can't capture.