Losing a friend

Many in Sacramento and beyond can identify.  Robert Jordan was not just a coworker.  He was one of those truly genuine people far too rare in this business.  We lost him last week.  We will remember him this week.  We will feel his loss far after.

I was privileged to visit him in his last 24 hours.  I'm not sure if he knew I was there.  But I know how much it matters to me that I was.

Robert and I were both wise-asses.  We would mouth off to power even when it was to our detriment.  We didn't know how not to.  I referred to him as "pesky party staff."  He referred to me in terms I won't repeat.   And it was always mutually terms not of detriment but of affection.

I met Robert in my preteens.  I was too young for him being gay to mean much to me.  He was not flamboyant.  Nor was he ever closeted or ashamed.   Maybe because I knew Robert at such a young age being gay, straight or Eskimo never really meant much of anything to me.  Then or now.

The best symbol of respect for all wasn't the purple triangle he often wore on his collar but the person he was.  All I know is I will miss my friend.