I hate to say it

But having the primary in June does not work.  It used to.  But a series of unrelated changes have made it increasingly problematic. 

* SCHOOLS- Kids used to get out in June.  Now they increasingly get out in May.  More and more families are on vacation in the first week in June.  When only one in four voters cast their ballot, one cannot say June is a magic date for getting voters to the polls. 

* INITIATIVES AND VBM- Mail ballot rates are increasing.  Meanwhile all initiatives have been moved to November.  This means most VBMs are being processed at the same time petitions are being checked.  In many counties the staff who check VBM signatures are the same ones who check initiative signatures.  This has created a bottleneck and pressure on both systems. 

* RECOUNTS- The real problem with California recount law is not money but time.  We cut a month out of the practical time to complete a primary recount when we gave military/overseas voters an extra month to cast their ballot in November.  If we pushed back the primary a month there would have been a lot more time for the process to play out.  Coupled with some more minor reforms to the recount process (focusing on rejected ballots, allowing candidates to raise unlimited funds, giving candidates only one-bite at the apple to request counties be counted) we could fix the process without simply sticking the taxpayers with the bill.

* GLOBAL WARMING- Just kidding.  But it is about 7 degrees hotter in June than May.  And the sun is already setting around 8 PM by early May so no walking in the heat or the dark. 

How do people feel about May Day GOTV?