One of the best things

California Democratic Party Executive Board meetings just wipe me out.  I chair the Credentials Committee which means I am at the registration desk for a good chunk of the weekend helping delegates with their problems.  And now that I am out on my own I inevitably have clients who have some goal they need help achieving over the course of the meeting.  Not to mention having to hustle new clients.  And of course all the general pressing the flesh, gossiping, etc that comes with such events.  

So by the time I get home I am very ready for a nap.  And one of the best things about Wagaman Strategies is I don't have to worry about getting dressed for work the next morning.  Plenty will still get done on Monday.  In fact probably more will get done thanks to the luxury of not having to force myself to get to the office.  Freedom is not the worst thing in the world.