Something else I don't get about the World Cup

This will probably be my most controversial post in the history of this blog with some, but like many Americans I just don't get the World Cup.  And I will admit that one component is not understanding the game of soccer itself and how anyone can get excited about a sport that involves watching 90 minutes of "action" where an average of THREE scores is labeled an offensive bonanza. 

But it goes beyond the game, I don't get the World Cup schedule.  I watched the last 15 minutes of the USA game.  And I will admit that was fun with them giving up a lead, getting it back, then just trying to hold on.  But now there is a week before their next game.  And I've stopped caring. 

People will point out there is typically a week between games in the NFL and NCAA as well.  But the difference is that week in between is all about build up.  It is all about building the tension for that next weekend.  And then on the big day you get to bounce between a dozen games, thinking about how the score of that one affects the playoff implications of the other one (I'm talking about actual playoff implications.  I'll save my beef with fantasy football for another day). 

But with the World Cup the U.S. has what I understand was a big win and today they expect me to be heavily invested in Mexico tying Brazil?  Other than the fact I missed out on a chance to drink at Zocalos I honestly have no skin in that one. 

So World Cup, explain to me why you can't just load up your games on the weekend.  Encourage people to have all day soccer parties to watch.  Copy the NFL RedZone model so I can catch the three minutes of every game worth watching.  Because having to hear people talk about today's game between Cameroon and Croatia isn't going to turn me into a convert. 

P.S.- To the NFL and NCAA, stop scheduling games midweek as well.  Friday is HS. Saturday is college.  Sunday is pro.  I've accepted Monday night if only as an excuse to take a break at the start of the week.  Don't make us give you a red card too.