Just how close is the Controller's race

The ebbs and flows of the Controller's race will continue for another week or so.  But as of tonight the margin is 113 votes.  That is 0.003%.  Just how close is that?

Well the next closest contest for state/federal office is in CD-31 with Pete Aguilar appears to have avoided a repeat of 2012's Rep-vs-Rep debacle by a whopping margin of 209 votes.  But because Congressional Districts are much smaller so that lead translates to 0.4% of the vote. 

In other words Aguilar's lead for second as a percentage is 134 TIMES BIGGER than Perez's.  A 0.003% lead in CD-31 would be 1.6 votes.  Not 16.  1.6. 

The state had 22,353 precincts this election.  That means the difference is 1 vote for every 200 precincts.