When was the last time anyone under 30 signed anything?

As Paul Mitchell pointed out in the Bee and highlighted by Scott Lay in the Nooner, signature verification can be a huge issue in close elections.  Thought I would add two little addendums for post-election canvass nerds.   

First, a shout out to Assemblymember Mullin who proactively took a step to addressing this issue last year when he authored AB 1135 which codified and expanded the type of documents election officials can use to verify someone's signature.  This is a particularly important reform for older voters who don't move (and thus don't reregister) often but whose signature's change over time.  By allowing election officials to use the signature from their last VBM to verify their signature on their latest VBM one can track the "evolution" of their signature and make sure their vote is counted.

Second, Paul briefly mentioned the issue of signatures of younger voters. This is a HUGE and growing issue.  In the past rejection rates for signatures followed a steady path, increasing as voters got older and older.  Now the rejection rates resemble a U  with younger voters having rejection rates similar to older voters.  Why?  Because anyone under 30 never learned cursive in school and doesn't have to sign anything in our digital age.  Therefore they don't have a consistent signature for anyone to match against. 

It is one of those issues that will only grow with time and solutions need to be found.  Anyone have some good ideas?