The brutal thing about canvasses are

The brutal thing about the post election canvass period is that the longer it goes on, the more each vote counts.  But every vote counts the same you say?  Here is what I mean.  Lets say after Election Day there are a million ballots left in a contest, and you are down 5,000 votes.  In order to close the gap you need to make up 1 net vote in every 200 counted.  

Now skip ahead a week and there are a quarter of a million ballots left.  And you have shrunk the lead down to 2,500 votes.  You are making progress right?  Nope, because now need to pick up 1 net vote in every 100 counted.  So even though you cut the lead in half you are worse off.

Nothing is harder than knowing if you had just X more ballots you could make up the margin but watching each day as the number left keeps getting smaller and smaller.  It is the very definition of death by a thousand cuts.