Some thoughts on VBM Day

So today is the day that Vote by Mail (VBM) ballots starting getting sent out throughout the state.   In California this is the beginning of Election Month which replaced Election Day a bit over a decade ago when Kevin Shelley got PAV through the Legislature.  And while the Legislature has yet to recognize this day with its own commemoration, here are some random thoughts:

* If you are a PAV in a competitive district don't answer your phone this week.

* As a corollary, better check your mailbox everyday or it will be full by Tuesday.

* If you are running a campaign and are not already implementing your plan to pound those phones or fill those boxes be ready for a rough June.

* Mail ballots will make up the majority of votes cast this June.

* No that is not a reason to get rid of polling places.

* If for no other reason than a lot of those "mail" ballots are going to be dropped off at polling places because I don't know anyone fired up to vote in this election. 

* Be ready to put at least two on your ballot to return it.  Thanks to top two this is going to be a very long (and heavy) ballot. 

* Be thankful the Legislature moved initiatives off the primary ballot or most folks would have to use three stamps.

* And if all this makes your head hurt remember it is also Cinco De Mayo and nothing helps a headache like tequila.