More bad news for California Republicans

Most attention is currently on the "will they or won't they" question of whether Assemblymember Donnelly will be the California Republican Party's nominee for Governor.  Not sure how many noticed this article about national Republicans shifting from the economy and health care to the hunt for scandal, foreign and domestic.  This shift is being necessitated by the economy finally starting to improve and Republicans shooting themselves in the foot by overhyping the impending end-of-civilization-as-we-know it that they labeled Obamacare. 

The new focus on Bengazi and the IRS makes strategic sense nationally.  It will motivate the base.  And midterm elections are usually won not by Independents but by who cares most.  The problem is the strategy depends on having a base big enough to motivate.  But as been long documented the Republican base in California continues to decline.  In much of the state there are simply not enough Republicans to go around no matter how motivated they may be.

In California they needed that appeal to the middle on pocketbook issues.  Worse, by focusing on national scandals it takes away any synergy they could have hoped to have between Congressional and state contest.  Going to be hard for whoever the Republican nominee is for Governor to blame Jerry Brown for Bengazi.  Going to be just as hard for whoever the Republican nominee ends up being in AD 36 to blame Assemblymember Steve Fox for the IRS. 

Make a note, it Republicans capture the U.S. Senate but Democrats once again secure a supermajority in the State Senate, this strategy shift will be a big reason why.