If some reporter wanted to be helpful

I think the general consensus is even if the Republican establishment gets their wish, Neel Kashkari has proven to be a weaker than anticipated candidate and the chances of Jerry Brown losing have gone from slim to none as this primary has rolled along. 

This is not an unprecedented situation at least nationally.  So what tends to happen when one party can only manage a sacrificial lamb?  Do they get destroyed down ticket as well?  Does it end up being a wash as neither party is motivated?  Are there factors that impact which fate the CA GOP can look forward to?  Does a candidate who keeps the base motivated but scares the hell out of independents keep the floor from dropping out?  Does a candidate who offends no one but puts everyone to sleep minimize the harm? 

In other words, can someone makes some calls nationally, do some Lexis searches, and have some actual facts as people write their "what does the Donnelly-Kashkari contest mean for November" stories over the next two weeks? 

Thanks in advance.