Worse than it should be

California Republicans have their demographic problems.  They very publicly are calling this a rebuilding year.  That said they are getting a pass for putting together a statewide ticket way more pathetic than is justified by anything that has happened in the last four years.  Consider their candidates from 2010 versus their most likely candidates in 2014.

Governor- From choice woman who could spend $160 million on her campaign to guy who gave $700 billion to Wall Street.

Lt. Governor- From California Constitutional Officer to California Republican Party Officer.

Secretary of State- From guy who admitted he was a Republican to guy who won’t.

Controller- From guy who is as fiscally conservative as they come to woman who nearly bankrupted the state’s fifth largest city. 

Treasurer- From State Senator to guy who got fewer votes than “Birther” Orly Taitz.

Attorney General- From guy who lost by less than 75,000 votes to guy who is going to be lucky to get 75,000 voters (ok not quite that bad).

Insurance Commissioner- From former Republican Legislative Leader to Republican Legislator who formerly resided in his own district.

I know Brulte has a plan to rebuild the party from the ground-up.  And it may work.  But if the plan fails a major factor will be allowing the top of the building being so structurally unsound that it crushes everyone underneath.