The women's vote

I caught the political bug from a tough, take-no-prisoners, campaign operative.  Who just happened to be a woman.  Who also just happened to be my mother.

So for me shaping campaigns to appeal to women has always just felt like running a campaign period.  The two were the same thing and it would never occur to me how to do one without doing the other.  Promoting women for jobs never felt like something I had to consciously think about, there were always plenty of strong women I wanted to hire because they simply kicked ass.

Over the course of my political career the "gender gap" has continued to grow and there have been lots of theories as to why.  But sometimes it is just the small stuff.  Yesterday was Denim Day, an opportunity to remember and remind that there is never an excuse for sexual violence.  Now Republicans and Democrats may not agree on lots of issues, but everyone can agree on that.  Indeed the Assembly passed a resolution supporting the event with 77 co-authors.

So when an event was held on the south steps of the Capitol was held, I just assumed it would be a bipartisan event.  But of the dozen or so Legislators who showed up not one Republican was in sight.  One of those fundamental rules of the universe: You can't win a game if you don't show up.