Bridging the gap

Heading off to my alma mater UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) for a conference at the Institute of Governmental Studies on the potential impacts of the top two primary.  I always find these conferences interesting because they highlight one of the biggest and most disappointing disconnects in politics: the gap between academics and practitioners. 

I'm someone who falls firmly into the latter category, but always gain a lot listening to academics.  Even when their conclusions are flawed because they lack a practical grounding, they still get my mind turning on different ways of approaching common challenges.  In other words they make me a better consultant.  Similarly, I don't know how many beyond brilliant academics do work whose usability is limited because they do not reach out to folks who run campaigns in the real world. 

Anyway, looking forward to an afternoon of learning and hopefully coming up with some new ideas to help clients be successful in 2014 and beyond.  At a minimum, going to get my Top Dog on.