I love the press

So Dan Schnur, probably is the best chance for an "Independent"* to win statewide in decades.  The only problem is he is trailing badly in the polls because most voters default to looking for party labels  in low-profile contests. 

His one real asset is that the press loves him and wants to use every column inch they can to drag him into the top two.  So how steamed must Schnur be that in the build up to a debate at the Press Club instead of talking about his ban on Legislative fundraising the press is talking about a Green Party candidate who is never going to make the top two being excluded from the debate.  And even more ironic the fire is being stoked by the Independent Vote Project (IVP) which was one of the leading proponents of the top two primary which is the only reason Schnur even has a shot of winning.

Now I am not questioning whether the Green Party or IVP have a legitimate beef.  Indeed their complaints highlight that with the complexities of the top two it is probably all the more important that organizations have clear standards governing their decisions to avoid even the appearance of bias.  And like it or not the top two is already impacting the way legislators behave.  But as ironies like the case of the Press Club SOS debate highlight it also is going to drive a lot of political consultants to early graves.  Though of course the public might view that fact alone as a public good. 


* I put "Independent" in parenthesis because while Schnur changed his registration years ago I challenge anyone to a debate that he wouldn't be Republicans best friend if actually elected.