Scheduling gone wild

Dan Schnur has decided to make his entire campaign for Secretary of State about his proposed ban on incumbents (not challengers of course) raising money during the Legislative calendar. 

With Legislators returning from recess today, it got me thinking about how poorly the Legislative calendar and campaign calendars line up.  Consider for example the fact that the deadline for bills to pass their house of origin in less than a week before the primary election date.  Maybe having our elected officials sprinting from marathon sessions of passing hundreds of bills immediately into marathon sessions of pressing the flesh and getting out the vote is not ideal for furthering good policy debate in either the legislative or campaign arenas.

There have been lots of changes that causes both the Capitol and campaign schedules over the years.  From the majority vote budget causing budget fights to no longer drag into August or beyond again, to vote by mail turning Election Day into Election Month.  Maybe simply revisiting both calendars as blank slates can achieve some of Schnur's goals of finding ways to separate the process of running for office from the process of serving in office without the negative consequences of his proposals.