A good lesson for Dems

One of my mentors taught me that one of the problems with Democrats is we assume voters understand the value of the things we are fighting for.  Just because something is true doesn't mean people understand it.

He told me that is why Dems consistently lose the tax fight, because voters simply did not know what they were paying for.  So that is why the Controller's new website allowing voters to see how much of their money is a result of their adoption of Prop 30 should be a model for other programs. 

As always there are caveats.  Another lesson I was taught is that the average voter doesn't get "services."  The only services they understand are those they or the people close to them use themselves.  All others are a waste of their taxes.  It is why the social safety net is such a tricky political issue.  But among services schools are about the most wide reaching you will find.

What voters do get are "big f*@# things."  Even if you don't have kids and never go in a school, you do see it on the side of the road and its condition impacts your feelings not only about that school, or that school district, or even about education, but also your feelings about whether government  is doing a good job.  Why those signs on the side of a transportation project saying, "Paid for by Measure X" are so effective.

So my only recommendation for Track Prop. 30 2.0... Ditch the charts, replace them with a clipart of a school and fill in how much of that school is being paid for by Prop 30.  A virtual school missing its roof without Prop 30 tells the story a lot better than a chart saying 14% of your district's budget came from...