The other "Wags"

WAGS is not so subtly hidden in our campaign logo. An explanation is available here for those who do not know the reference.

Now a few have thought that "Wags" is a reference to another member of the Wagaman clan, Tigress, my ornery 9 year old pug.  The misunderstanding is understandable as she has been a staple in Assembly Democrats campaign offices for the last four cycles (long before Sutter, though there is a great picture of the two of them together).  In a term limited world more than a few bosses were chagrinned when I pointed out Tigress had more experience in the campaign office than they did. 

This is all exposition to my reaction to the story that a major development is planned for downtown Sacramento.  The development is basically being built around Capitol Towers, a high-rise apartment complex where I lived for seven years and Tigress' first home.  While we lived there she developed a neurotic annoyance with the blackbirds who would settle in to roost each night in the tall trees seemingly just out of reach of her patio (unfortunately nine-stories up for her). 

Which led me to wondered if there is some truth to the theory that animals can sense evil.  Because as I was reading the story about the development which I assume would include removal of the trees that housed her enemies Tigress suddenly started barking wildly in the other room with no particular provocation. 

Curious is all.