Random Thoughts on a Random Day

Swearing-In Day has always felt sort of random to me.  Legislators have been largely gone for months.  Then they pop up for a day.  Then they are gone again for a month.  Usually falls right after Thanksgiving.  Often falls on the new holiday of "Cyber Monday."  Some of the same folks wearing suits today will be wearing t-shirts tomorrow.  Like I said, just for of random.

So in that theme here are some other random thoughts:

* Liberating but weird having no official responsibilities.

* I'm sure others will find in weird seeing me spending more of my day with the red than the green carpet.

* Will certainly miss some of the incumbents not returning (in particular those who were not re-elected in November).

* Wait, it's December already?

* Some really decent folks in the incoming class.  

* Hoping no first day bills are introduced impacting the Elections Code or Political Reform Act.  Come on give us a month.

That's enough for now. Enjoy your day all.